Vena Jensen Blitsch Bio

Vena Jensen Blitsch is a successful entrepreneur. Even from an early age she knew she wanted to help others. Her educational background is in business administration, leadership, organization, management and marketing.

Early in her career Vena recognized an opportunity to dedicate herself to improving the lives of children and families in her community.  Over the next seventeen years she directed a non-profit organization that grew from a shoestring budget into a $2 million per year endeavor, added six staff positions and sold custom social enterprise programs to local businesses.  Vena founded the program, which eventually expanded into two large counties in the State of Oregon. Primarily through grant writing and networking, she helped develop statewide model programs that helped decrease child abuse and demonstrated positive results in the lives of children and families.  Even during the economic downturn in the late 2000s, the program she helped build has continued to expand due to the strong foundation and strategic planning put in place years before.

In 2008 Vena was recruited by the National Association of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies (NACCRRA) to consult with non-profit organizations throughout the country.  NACCRRA is the premier national accrediting agency in the field.  Her experiences working with agencies throughout the country deepened her knowledge and understanding of non-profit organizations; she has earned respect from executive directors and boards all across the country and is considered an expert in the areas of governance, administration, data collection, analysis and reporting, public policy and advocacy.  She is exceptionally talented at strategic planning, assessment, evaluation, administration and grant writing.  Her visionary leadership style is infectious; she embraces the role of catalyst in forming and guiding community teams, partnerships and collaborations.

In 2011 she turned her focus to the fast-evolving world of online marketing and founded Vibrant Internet Marketing, an internet marketing firm with a focus on social media marketing and content creation. She brings a genuine sense of caring and passion for building the brands of her clients and is able to provide them with a depth and breadth of knowledge rarely seen in the internet marketing space.  In addition to designing and writing websites, articles and blogs, she helps businesses with strategic planning and social media marketing through training and coaching. She now resides in the Rocky Mountains near Colorado Springs in Colorado with her husband, who shares her passion for internet marketing. Together they enjoy gardening, boating and spending time with their family.