Why Does My Business Need an Online Presence?


One of the most common questions businesses pose is "why should I be investing in my presence online? This is an important question that needs to be addressed.

1. Customers prefer companies with a strong online presence.

First of all, you need an online presence because your customers prefer businesses that have a positive online presence, and the more vibrant the online communities, the better. Customers will compare your website, social networks, testimonials and reviews, and other elements of your online presence with your competitors and usually choose the company they "like" the best.


2. An online presence helps your business get found.

The internet is an integral part of everyday life. Nearly two thirds of American adults (64%) own a smartphone (Pew Internet Reserach.) Your online presence builds your search engine findability and boosts your business in Google ranking.


3. Better informed customers mean more sales and quicker conversions.

Customers prefer to do online research and investigate products, services and businesses before they are ready to make a purchase. 90% of customers say their buying decisions are influenced by the online presence of the business. (Zendesk)


4. Increases brand awareness and recognition

As industries become more and more competitive, one of the biggest challenges they face is how to build their brand.  The internet is available 24/7. This means that potential customers have the opportunity to become aware of your business at anytime, day or night. Having an online presence is like having billboards up all around town. Your online presence is an advertisement of your brand that never sleeps!


5. Increases trust and credibility

People are nervous about buying from businesses they don't know, especially businesses that seem "spammy" or lack integrity. Your online presence can help to dispel these fears if done right. Your website needs to be high quality; your content needs to be professional (and be spelled correctly, grammatically correct and easy to comprehend.) Your images and graphics need to be attractive and have a high resolution. You need to answer your prospective customer's questions in a way that shows you understand their needs and point-of-view. Your business needs to show consistency to demonstrate trustworthiness and reliability; customer reviews and testimonials will go a long way to establishing trust and influence the decisionmaking process.


6. Learn about your customer

Successful businesses know that they need to establish and build relationships with their customers. Your online presence helps you do this through content and through listening tools. Being able to listen to your customer's needs and wants helps you fine tune your offers and expand your business offerings in ways that will be attractive to your customers.


7. Measure your effectiveness to increase your ROI

The effectiveness of your online presence can easily be tracked and analyzed, giving you important data about your customers and how you can improve your business. Measuring the performance of your business gives you valuable information that will put you ahead of your competition.


While having a strategic online presence that is research-based and relentlessly executed does require an ongoing investment of time, energy, technology and money, an internet presence that is done right can have a major positive impact on the future of your business. Regardless of your business type or size, don't let the low-hanging opportunity of the internet slip through your fingers.


Vibrant Internet Marketing would love to help you start or improve your online presence and take your business to a whole new level! Contact us today!


Does your business have an online presence? How is that working for you?


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