Social Media Tool Review: Unroll.Me

A friend of mine shared this AWESOME new social media tool with me today! is a free tool that lets you clean up your inbox. Since I had over 7,000 emails in my email inbox (I’m not kidding!) I decided to give it a whirl! is very easy to use. Just enter an email account and follow their easy steps to cleaning up your inbox! Once has scanned your inbox, it will present you with a list of all of your subscriptions. You can then decide whether to unsubscribe, add to your Rollup or do nothing.

A Rollup is a daily digest that gives you an overview of all of the subscriptions you decide you want to continue to receive. These subscriptions will no longer hit your inbox; instead, they will be moved to your “” folder in your email client and can be found there at any time.

I loved how simple and easy made this process! I only wish would work for my primary account (Comcast); currently, only works for Gmail or Yahoo accounts. I used it on my 2 gmail accounts.

If you have a lot of past emails (like me) you still have to go in and delete them all. However, is the start of a new dawn when it comes to email management!

Check out here:

Have you tried How did this social media tool work for you?