Business Success Includes Restoration

Relax at Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge
Relaxation & Connection


Like many Pacific Northwesterners, my family of origin were pioneers that travelled the Oregon Trail. My family has relics and journals that memorialize the treacherous journey. They settled in the Oregon Territory and became judges, teachers, builders and farmers. The one thing my family members all had in common - they worked extremely hard. And, when it was time, they enjoyed the "fruits of their labors."

Although it is a Biblical reference, I find it a fitting principle to apply to business. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to do just that - spend the day out having fun and taking care of myself. After several weeks of a "grindstone" work schedule, I was way past due for some rest and relaxation.

Taking the day off to really restore reminded me of how important it is to make time to have fun, relax and let spontaneous flow happen. My husband and I felt like kids again, going out to play. We won't soon forget our adventures and happy time.


What you do to restore yourself is as individual as you are. Most of us need time to rest, express ourselves and connect with others.


Do you (like me) need more restoring activities in your life? Most of us have at least a few areas in which our lifestyle falls short of restoring us.


Here are a few common ones:

  • more sleep
  • time with friends
  • intellectual stimulation
  • community involvement
  • more romance.

and ways to meet these needs:

  • go to be earlier
  • make more friends
  • learn something new
  • join a community organization
  • spend time with my significant other.

Sometimes we need to rearrange our priorities, activities and situations in order to find time to "enjoy the fruits of our labors." Following through on this may require attention, discipline and creativity. But doing so will help your life feel complete, the work worth it and will bring a whole new dimension of peace and fulfillment to your life.


What restoring activities would you like to add to your life?


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