Every Day is Earth Day

Blue Heron Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge
Blue Heron that lives on the bank facing my houseboat

Every day is Earth Day for me. Living in a houseboat on a wildlife refuge has it's glory moments - and some nusiances (i.e. midges.)


But one thing is for sure - I always feel close to nature here. Living right on the water I notice the the way the water constantly changes in color, speed, density, temperature and direction. And how much garbage it transports. 


So how are we doing when it comes to protecting the environment?


Here's a wonderful article written by environmental experts. Please take a moment to inform yourself - and then do something to help make things better. 


Whatever Happened To... Earth Day?


In what ways are you more aware or do you participate in helping to care for the environment than you were in the past? Are you a "green business?" Would you like more information on becoming green certified?


Happy Earth Day, everyone!

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