What Does Good Blog Writing Look Like?


Blog writing is a specialized type of writing. Quality writing is of the essence because top-notch writing can translate into higher revenues.

A good blogger will:

  • Create relevant, unique content that informs the reader and promotes the company services and/or products in a way that is not offensive to the audience.
  • Produce content that is enticing and engaging to visitors, encouraging them to stay on the website and browse.  The longer a visitor stays on the website, the better the chance they will eventually become clients or customers.
  • Produce content that is smart in the use of keywords and is focused on search engine optimization (SEO.)  This means the content must use relevant keywords and phrases that are most likely to be used for search by internet users.  Using relevant keywords in a genuine way is the best way to ensure the website is indexed and highly ranked by search engine web crawlers.

Blog posts should focus on core competencies; your business will benefit from specialized knowledge of professional copywriters and editors.


A strong blog will include:

  • brand positioning
  • message consulting
  • social media sharing
  • SEO consulting
  • developmental and copy editing
  • proofreading
  • fact checking
  • attractive layout and design.

In time, a well-written, compelling blog will become an important asset for your business as you build your archives. It is important that you invest wisely so that your blog is re-visited over and over, building customers over time. This is one feature of your online presence that you do not want to skimp on.


For more information about Vibrant's blogging services, visit here.


Do you have a blog? Are you maximizing the benefit of your blog for your business? What questions about blog writing do you have?

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