How To Increase "Likes" on Your Facebook Page

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"Likes" on Facebook

The Facebook "Like" is an important strategy for promoting web content via your Facebook Business Page.  A Facebook "Like" is today's equivalent to signing up for a "listserve."  When a customer "Likes" your Page, they are agreeing to receive content via their news feed and giving you permission to send them future updates. A "Like" will show the user their connected friends who "Like" your Page also, thus encouraging social networking. Facebook "Likes" give a Page owner the opportunity to increase engagement, target referrals and invite recurring traffic to their page.


The Facebook Like function is essential for a business website.  A Like button is a convenience for consumers who can "Like" your Page right from your website; it also promotes trusted referrals via social networking.  There is a current debate about the value of a Facebook

Like as compared to a Twitter Tweet.  Most internet marketers would agree a Facebook Like is usually considered to have greater business value as the Facebook user base and Like adoption rate increases.  Facebook users who utilize a Like button visit 5.3x more web URLs to engage with content and, on average, have 2.4x more Friends.  A Facebook Like button on a website gives content creators access to these more socially engaged customers and their networks.


In order to increase Facebook Likes for your business Page you need to drive traffic to your Page.  Once traffic is occuring, it's time to convert visitors to fans by gleaning Likes.  Here are suggestions on how to convert viewers to "Likers."


1. Create a Custom Landing Page with a "Like" Call to Action

Create a custom Landing Page (accessible through a Tab in Facebook Timeline) that has graphics asking people to "Like" your Page.  People need to know you want them to "Like" your Page; studies show that "Like" graphics increase the number of times "Like" is selected.  Burt's Bees is an example of a company with a well-developed Facebook Page marketing campaign.  Below is an example of a Landing Page that encourages visitors to "Bee a friend and "Like" us!"  And then it encourages visitors to "Bee Social" and follow them on YouTube and Twitter.  Great use of Like graphics!

Facebook Like Landing Page
Burt's Bees Landing Page "Like" Us

2. Use Enticing, High-Resolution Photos


Today's consumers are discerning customers.  High-quality images portray professionalism and quality.  If you don't have access to a professional photographer, at least purchase stock images to demonstrate that you are willing to invest in your business. The message is that since you're willing to invest in your business, customers should trust in your reliability and quality.

3. Propose an Exclusive, Free Offer in Exchange for a "Like"

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Offering an exclusive "gift" or coupon in exchange for a Facebook "Like" is an increasingly popular practice.  Types of exclusive offers include:

  • Videos
  • Coupons
  • Discounts
  • Samples
  • E-books or a white paper
  • Resources
  • Recognition

4. Use a "Join Us and Sign Up for Our Newsletter" Call to Action

Example of e-newsletter landing page subscription

Burt's Bees uses the marketing tactic "Join the Hive and receive special coupons and discounts in our monthly email newsletter.".  This is a "tried-and-true approach", especially for businesses that offer regular promotions.  Facebook fans LOVE promotions!

5. Run a Contest or a Competition

Contests and competitions are extremely popular in Facebook and a great way to build up your Facebook audience.  The main thing to keep in mind is that Facebook (the ever-diligent big brother, is watching over you to make sure you don't do anything "spammy" or illegal) has rules and regulations by which you must comply.  I recommend you read these guidelines before posting your contest or competition.  Facebook doesn't want to be associated with promotions of any sort, so they require you to run promotions on a separate application.  Here are the official rules. How to Run a Facebook Contest.

6. Add "Like" Buttons to Your Website, Blog and Other Online Social Networking Platforms

Adding "Like" to your website and content makes it convenient for your readers and increases your "Likes". The Facebook Like function is a part of a broad strategy Facebook offers to make it easier for Facebook users to interact with the Facebook platform. 


Facebook offers several "widgets" called social plug-ins that you can insert into your website, blog or other social media platforms.  The "Like" button is only one of the social plug-ins available.  Others include Recommendations, Activity Stream and the Facebook Bar (a toolbar that floats at the bottom of the screen to make it easily accessible when the user is ready to take an action.)


The Like Button is the most commonly used Facebook Social Plug-in.  Here are directions for getting your own, custom Like Button.


7. Add "Share This" Social Sharing Buttons To Your Website, Blog and Other Online Social Networking Platforms

Add Share This Buttons To Your Website or Blog
Share This

If you have a website or blog you can add share buttons by using a plugin such as LockerzShare or you can create individual share buttons and add them to single posts. Jimdo makes it super-easy to add share buttons to every page, post or even to specific content within a page. There are lots of "Add This" or "Share This" social plugin programs available. For more information on best practices for adding social sharing buttons, check out this great article from Mashable: HOW TO: Add Social Sharing Buttons to Your Website.

Here are the webpages for creating your own custom share buttons:


Twitter ReTweet





7. Use QR Codes with "Like" Exclusive Offer to Entice New Fans

QR Code Marketing Promotion
Example QR Code Promotion

QR (quick response) codes are a promotional tool.  The customers just scans the QR code image with a bar code scanner app installed on their mobile device or smartphone.  The QR code can be set to display your Facebook Page where they are directed to "Like" the page for a coupon or discount. 


QR code promotions give the customer some type of incentive, demonstrate you are using new technology, acknowledge the increasing usage of smartphones and mobile devices, and make the promotion a little more fun!

8. Create a Compelling Welcome Video to Encourage "Likes"

Many people prefer to watch a video rather than read more content.  Here's a great example of a Facebook Landing Page Welcome Video.

9. Use Facebook Insights to Discover What Works and What Doesn't

Facebook Insights are essential for learning more about what works for your particular target consumer group.  Tracking different approaches will help guide you as you find effective and time-saving ways to encourage Likes on your growing Facebook Page.

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