The Right Attitude for Social Media Marketing

There is a concept in the practice of zen that can be very helpful when applied to one's practice of social media marketing.  This concept is called the "beginner's mind." 


A beginner's mind is to approach life - and social media marketing - with an open mind, an empty mind, with the attitude that one has much to learn. When we believe we are an "expert" we think of ourselves as an "achiever" and we become over-confident.  As a result, we experience a closed mind.


In social media, as in life, there is always much to learn, always new understanding.  Social media marketing is a dynamic, new and exciting way in which businesses can interact with their stakeholders - clients, potential clients, brand advocates, suppliers, staff, investors, distributors, affiliates and anyone one else with a stake in the business.

When we approach social media marketing with an open mind, as if we are a blank slate, we maintain a willingness to learn and grow; we allow our stakeholders, teachers and others show us how to participate in this new way of doing business with a new perspective.


A beginner's mind causes us to break out of old habits, old ways of doing things.  A beginner's mind opens us to concepts, thoughts, ideas and possibilities we couldn't imagine otherwise.  When we have the attitude of a beginner's mind, we approach each day as if it is our first day learning new ways of interacting with others and the environment in which we find ourselves.  Having a beginner's mind means we observe before charging ahead, ask questions when we aren't sure, and listen more than we talk.


Social media enlightenment is an ongoing learning process.  Over time, you will appreciate your "beginner's mind."


What have you done lately to break out of your old tried-and-true methods of marketing / working? 


Leave me a comment below - I'd love to hear how you applied your "beginner's mind" and what happened!

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