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Everyone has them.  Most people have between 60 and 100 of them.  Petty annoyances; those burrs that get under our skin and wear us down more than we realize.  It's the little things that we know need to be taken care of and bug us every day that are the worst annoyances.  Like the hum of a washing machine in the background, you don't realize how loud it really is until you turn it off.  Lots of petty annoyances drain our energy everyday.



Common petty annoyances that people tend to put up with:

  • An overflowing inbox
  • Figuring out past-due taxes
  • A tear in a favorite piece of clothing
  • A missing button
  • Scuffed shoes.

Some people tolerate their own bad habits:

  • biting their nails
  • disorganized filing systems
  • letting yourself get distracted online.

Here are some of my online petty annoyances:

  • A dozen or so email subscriptions from which I need to unsubscribe
  • "Friends" on Facebook that aren't really friends that keep trying to sell me things I don't want
  • Finishing touches on my website.

Offline annoyances that slow me down:

  • Forgetting to keep my phone and MP3 player charged
  • Not changing my water filter often enough
  • Forgetting to drink enough water.


What is the price of not taking care of petty annoyances?


Everything that you are tolerating drains your energy, makes you irritable and wears you down.  It's difficult to be successful when you are tolerating things that add to all of the other responsibilities you incur when you own a business. If you want to be a successful business owner, take the time to eliminate as many petty annoyances as you can.

How to resolve your petty annoyances.


Start by making a list of the 60 to 100 annoyances you are tolerating. It doesn't do any good to keep a mental list - you have to write them down.  Get them out of your head and onto paper. 


Then call a friend and set aside a day to focus on your petty annoyances.  Create a sub-list of annoyances that you can do in one day and get going!  If you lose momentum, call your friend for a motivation speech and to check in on your progress.  Once you finish your list, reward yourself (and your friend) with a celebration!


What should you do about the petty annoyances you can't fix right now?


Don't worry about the petty annoyances you don't have control over or that you don't know how to resolve.  Just leave them on the list and work on the ones you can fix.  You will be surprised at how quickly things you didn't think could be changed will resolve themselves when you are taking care of the things you can.


What petty annoyances are you tolerating?  Will you join me by writing your list and work on resolving your annoyances?  Come back and let us know how it goes!



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