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Microsoft Streets & Trips Map
Microsoft Streets & Trips Map

Smartphone usage is on the rise.  Half of mobile phone subscribers (49.7%) use smartphones, up 36% from last year. (USATodayTech) Of these, 87%  report that they access the internet or email on their device on a daily basis. (PewInternet) I know I do. 


This  represents a HUGE opportunity for businesses of all kinds, especially for local businesses.


Your business can only be found if it is registered with search engine mapping systems such as Google Maps, Yahoo! Places, MapQuest and Bing Maps.  A surprising number of businesses haven't yet figured out the importance - the NECESSITY! - of being found on internet maps.


The first priority for businesses to be found via online maps is to be registered on Google Maps.  Here's the link to get started... Google Places.


Getting registered is a fairly straightforward process.  You will need to complete a profile, upload your logo and write a short description of your business.  Google will send you a postcard with a PIN and you will need to login to  verify that your business actually is in the location you are claiming.  After you have confirmed your business location Google will publish your business on Google Maps.


Once you have started the registration process with Google Maps, be sure to get listed with Yahoo! Maps and Bing MapQuest.  Here are the links to get you started:  Yahoo! Local, MapQuest and Bing Business Portal. This tutorial guide offers a step-by-step instructions on how to claim or set up a location for your business in Facebook Places. And finally, the Yellow Pages.


Should you decide that you would rather have someone else take care of these details for you, Vibrant Internet Marketing will be happy to take care of your online mapping registrations.  Click here for more information.


Whether you decide to get your business listed with online mapping systems or prefer to have technical assistance through Vibrant, it is essential that your business is enabled to be found by the growing number of mobile and smartphone users who are your potential customers.


Learn more about local listings:  Yahoo! Local Listings


The images below link to the get-started page for each directory.  Hope you find this mini-guide helpful!

Google Places, Google Maps
Google Places
Yahoo! Maps, Yahoo! Local Listings
Yahoo! Maps
Bing Maps, Bing Business Portal
Bing Maps
Facebook Places for Advertisers
Facebook Places
AT&T Yellow Pages
Yellow Pages Maps

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