What You Should Know Before You Start a Social Media Program




Here are some things to consider before you start a social media campaign that will maximize your results. Afterall, isn't increasing your bottomline the end objective?

Social media marketing is not like traditional marketing in some very important ways. It is critical that business owners understand both the potential (crazy, unlimited!) of this type of marketing and the time, effort and work involved, even after everything is set up and running smoothly. This is because social media marketing is about engaging with customers in a meaningful and transparent way. And that takes time, commitment and a long-term approach. While the results from investing in this type of marketing are truly unlimited, you won't see a ROI right away. Most campaigns take six months to a year before they really get into full swing.


Social media marketing is complex and changing rapidly. That's why coaching and training are critical. Vibrant plans to implement a “membership” program to keep alumni informed of important changes in internet marketing in the future. Our “News” page provides the latest information and resources related to social media marketing.


Vibrant Internet Marketing uses research-based best practices, which means you can be assured there will be a positive outcome once your campaign reaches a certain momentum. All of the elements required to be successful are included in our program.


Each step in the process builds on the previous step, so it’s best to work through each step progressively and methodically. We look forward to helping your business plan and execute a successful social media program!


What do you think people should know before setting up their social media? Have you had an experience the rest of us can learn from?


We'd love to hear from you!

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